Traffic and Income Report

First Quarter 2013

I report some of my sadly low traffic numbers, and reveal that I am now officially making money on the internet! I will be reporting in (probably quarterly) to keep you updated on how I am doing!

Niche I (paralegal training)

The paralegal site had 253 visitors in the first quarter. And GREAT NEWS!!! I have made my first revenue as internet marketer. A whopping $0.03!

Niche II (rats)

The rat site has had  92 visitor, and I imagine most of them are me. I am not convinced that the tracking software is very good at figuring out whether a visitor is me. Sure, I have a unique IP number, but since most of the "visits" were direct hits, I think they are either me, or spiders the computer thinks are human.

Another odd thing, I have three different plugins that are supposed to track traffic. And Google Analytics on top of that. None of them ever have the same number about anything. Suspicious.


The Niche Blog has had 135 page views in the first quarter. Since this site is not really monetized, it doesnt matter all that much. I am writing this stuff as much for myself as anyone else, as a record of this journey.


My first article (the one with no links and no pictures) was accepted by InfoBarrel, and is now live on the site. Feel free to read it here. Yes, I know you shouldnt use an anchor text of "here". Google needs to get a grip... I bet half the legitimate links on the internet say things like, "here."

I have had 3 views and 2 reads. As always, I am convinced that all five of those are me.

My intention is to write another 9 articles so that I can be "pre-approved" and write whatever I want. And, I'll be able to go back and shoot a couple of links into the first article, and put it to work.  My next article will link back to one of my sites... definitely!

Lending Club

Although I did (finally) suceed in transferring $25 into my Lending Club account, I have not actually purchased any loans yet... in fact, I havent even visited the site. Unfortunately, I have been busy with other things, and I afraid that Lending Club is going to require more attention than I can give at the moment. This isnt just "purchase and forget" investing... I will need to actively manage the portfolio to have success.

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