Keyword Article Writing with Long Tail Pro

I wrote a handful of articles in May for InfoBarrel (IB). None of them were keyword targeted, mainly because I just wanted to push out some articles and see what would happen. Now, I want to produce a keyword targeted article and compare the results. So, I decided to do some kw research, and write an article accordingly.

The Beginning
I started by randomly looking around for ideas. I went to ClickBank, just to see what was happening there. ClickBank is popular with affiliate marketers because of its high commissions. They have tons of products to promote, some good and some not-so-good. Looking around there, I noticed in the Cooking, Food & Wine section, as well as Health & Fitness, the Paleo Diet was pretty popular. Alot of the Paleo products I looked at had a high Gravity score. On ClickBank, Gravity is a number that represents how well the product is selling over the last 12 days. A Gravity >20 is considered a Good Thing. And, indeed, alot of the Paleo Diet cookbooks, recipe books, and diet plans were doing that well and better.

I dont really have a platform to promote a diet product, so I cant really use ClickBank in that way at this moment. It would be easy enough to snap up a domain name and find a matching Paleo product, but at the moment, I am trying to practise doing kw research using the resources I already have. If I can show myself that I am capable of doing that, then I'll worry about jumping into new areas.

Whip Out the Long Tail!
Alright... so I want to do some research centered around the idea of the Paleo diet. Now is the time to fire up Long Tail Pro and see what I can find out! Starting with "Paleo Diet", I began looking at all of the related keywords that LTP could come up with. Many of them had high Local and Global Searches, meaning that alot of people are interested in the Paleo Diet.

Keyword Article Writing with Long Tail Pro
As you can see, "the paleo diet", is searched for 6,600 times each month in America, and another 9,900 times in the rest of the world. But, anyone searching for "the paleo diet" is probably not thinking of buying anything just yet. They are just doing some free research at this point. So, I looked through the list for something I thought might be product related. This, I thought, might be related to advertiser competion, so I sorted by Ad Competition (the supposed amount that advertisers pay Google) to see what came to the top. At the top of my list was "paleo meal delivery". Well, obviously, anyone look for a way to have their paleo meals delivered must be ready to buy!

No Delivery Here
I clicked on "paleo meal delivery" in Long Tail Pro, and that took me to the top ten listings for that search in Google, along with some information about each page. Using my niche formula (the Von Score), I cook down what I find there into one number for each page, then I average the top ten pages together to get a number that shows me how likely I am to rank for that keyword. My formula immediately showed me that "paleo meal delivery" scores a 32.64. That number is WAY to high... there is almost no chance that a simple IB article would crack the top ten on that one!

Red Alert!
So, back to keyword research. This time, I see that there is something called "The Paleo Solution". I assume that this is a product or book of some kind. "The Paleo Solution" gets 1600 searches a month. So I looked at that one. No good. I scored that one 42.37, which causes a red siren to pop out of the top of my computer and strobe the room. This is beyond red flag!

Okay... Try This One
Looking around at some of the other possibilities, I finally settle on "Paleo Diet Plan for Beginners". That phrase is only searched 110 times a month, so not that many are looking for it. But, on the other hand, half of the top ten spots have a PageRank of 0, and three of the top ten have No PR! The competition's average Von Score is just 21.75, and most of that comes from just one site. So, if it is possible to rank for anything, it should be possible to rank for this!

If I was going to build a new niche site, I would target something with more traffic! Yes, this keyword only gets 110 searches a month, but, all I want to do is rank for my keyword using an InfoBarrel article. Perhaps you could consider this a proof of concept. If the article, which I havent written yet, out performs my other articles, then I will know that this has worked!

What Next?
Now, I just need to write the article (I already created a draft on IB to ensure that my title "Paleo Diet Plan for Beginners" is reserved.) Then, I need to collect a couple of pictures of yummy looking meat, and look through the Paleo books at Amazon. Then, I will put it all together and post it. When the article posts to IB, I will put the link here!

And here it is