Backlinking Thus Far

After some interruptions (life, you know) and a couple of outright mistakes, I have completed the first round of backlinks using the "link wheel" that everyone loves. I took an article that I had written for my page, and carefully spun it, mostly by hand, using AMR. Although much of AMR is clunky (it being a clearly utilitarian tool and not a smoothly polished "app", if you will) it gets the job done, and the spinner part works quite goodly. So lets break this down.

I wrote this article for the GPT web site and decided that, as an experiment, I would use it to do this first round of links.

I took the article and spun it using AMR. With the spintax in place, AMR can post the article an infinite number of times (although, infinity will hardly be needed). I also exported 10 spins to use on blogs and whatnot.

I created 5 new blogs using things like Tumblr, Wordpress, LiveJournal, etc. I made five of these. On each one, I posted a spun version (one of the ten that I had saved to the hard drive) of the original article. Each article has two links, one to the GPT homepage and another link to one of the pages deeper in, like, for example, the job board. Note: I did not do a blogger one. Anyone care to guess why?

Mass Submission
After I had the five blogs ready to go, I did a mass article submission using AMR. Of course, article submissions are not what they used to be, and so instead of thousands of possibilities, the list only included about 600 possibles. Of those, it managed to submit only 120 successfully. Instead of setting up a submission for each blog (as perhaps I should do) I opted to spin the links so that of the 120 articles, only about 24 point to each blog site. It seems to me that there are alot fewer article sites these days, probably because they were devalued by the evil G, they simply started going away. The days of being able to even do a mass submission may be numbered.

Each of these mass articles has 2 links in the "resource" box, not in the article itself. Again, the links randomly rotate between the 5 blogs.

I created an account on SocialADR, and began using it to drive links to both the main page and the blog sites. There is conflicting advice from internet marketing types on this, so I decided to mix it up. Since I am using the free version, it doesnt seem that very many links will be generated all at once. In any case, all I have to do now is log on each day, share 5 links that I like that were submitted by other folks, and then the links I have ready to share will be posted. It does not mean that my link will only be shared 5 times. Instead, for example, one of my links was submitted 18 times in a matter of seconds. So, that seems to be a good thing. Of course... assuming that these links actually help.

Since I was out of town on Friday, I was unable to do a rank check for my keywords (using LTP) to see where I am. After refocussing my keywords (I would prefer to say keyphrases, really) last week, I determined that I was off the page (in a bad way... i.e., not SERPed at all)  for all of my keywords. As of Monday night, I am ranking 28th for one of my keyphrases, but still zero on the other two.

Note: I have both the niche sites focused on three key words each.

Traffic has increased... which is to say, that I am now getting 1 or 2 people a week, and all of those on long tails associated with the military paralegals page.  Not sure if I should do something about this or not.

I will update the ranks after Friday when I see how they went.


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