Backlinking Thus Far

The Wheel

I have followed the collective recommendation of the SEO experts, and created the inner layer of the link wheel. Some call it the 'anchor' layer, while others picture it more as a shield layer. Whatever it is called, it consists of the privileged few sites that get to link directly to your page. Today, I set up the following:


Info Barrel
But, not without difficulty! First, my own dumb mistake... I hit submit on the Info Barrel article (an original article, not spun) before I had put in any links. At first, I was frustrated with this, however, considering that Info Barrel is trying to discourage using their site for internet marketing links, maybe it is a good thing. I want to use Info Barrel to generate some extra income, so I will leave it unlinked. I'll need to replace this spoke in the wheel!

Second problem... apparently Google hates Tumblr?? And Tumblr, although home to seemingly thousands of naked pictures of people, believes itself too good to serve as a place for backlinks? Oh well... I placed a poorly spun article there, and added some humorous commentary to make swallowing it easier. I just have to keep reminding myself, that its only for the link, and will never be seen by an actual human.

I placed exactly two links in my GoArticle article. When it was published, they were not there. I'll need to give GoArticles a redo. BTW: unimpressed with the interface there.

The Wordpress.com blog worked well, and gave me immediate pingbacks. I iwasnt even sure that those worked! So, that was the bright spot.

I didnt make another blogspot blog. I already have this one, and it has the correct link in its archives. These will not show up till the blog reaches a certain age. Annoying.

So, there we go... just need to let that sit a bit, then I'll work on adding the next layer. I'd like to try to add it by hand, but we will see.

Spinny Crap
I spun five articles using both the Best Free Spinner and SpinnerChief. I would have to say that it would have been easier and quicker for me (YMMV) to just write a new article off the top of my head than do all that. And after an hour of work, the results were bizarre. You know, for many years I have thought that pages with peculiar verbiage were posted by foreigners who have either never mastered English, or learned it someplace where the vocabulary is just off by a small bit. You know... the sites with the weirdly strange word choice. Well, now I know that these are just spun articles. One of them (all of them?) was so poorly written (spun) that I had to intersperse it with commentary from the point of view of a monkey. It was the only way to make the content palatable. I think I'll mostly write my own in the future.

It seems that GPT has recovered somewhat from its death spiral. Currently, we are unranked for our intended keyword... however, my incidental keywords are ranking at 217 (was 138) on Google and 11th on YaBing. I should mention that I got another search hit today... someone searching for military seals. Am I the only place on the ney where the four seals are brought together?? Jeeze!

And... Rats... with no links and no nothing, Rats are at 212, 235 and 107 for my three target keyphrases. No Google numbers yet, and Bing hasnt caught up with Yahoo. Eventually Bing and Yahoo will have the same number.

Hopefully, my correction of the blank pages will have helped, along with some backlinks, of course.

As you know, I use Long Tail Pro. I also use various Firefox plugins and toolbars. I am going to try Traffic Travis as well. It only works on Windows, so I will have to boot in Gates Mode... I prefer Linux, and have used it full time for three years. But occasionally, I have need of a gates program.

Okay... I have had enough. More tomorrow.

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