A Little More Money and A Little More Alexa

I have been wondering about this Alexa rank business. For two reasons: One was that I wondered if it helped with traffic or rankings or something, and two, I use the Web Rank tool bar, and it shows the Alexa rank for my page everytime I look at it. That made me curious. And also, I am competitive, I didnt like NOT ranking for something where others were ranking.

Anyway... I read that some said that that your site has to be visited by someone running the Alexa toolbar to be ranked (which seems pretty dumb to me). Others said absolutely not, Alexa, owned by Amazon, did not use their toolbar to measure rankings. Well, I HATE toolbars, anyway, so I tended to believe the latter. But, finally, curiosity got the best of me, and I installed the Alexa toolbar. That was last Friday. Today, three days later, niche site I, aka GPT, has an Alexa rank. You will be glad to know that GPT is now ranked 21.5 million. Which, I assume, is dead last.

Does this benefit me in some way? Probably not. But, and here is what I found interesting, the Web Rank toolbar also shows backlinks by G, Bing and Alexa. And suddenly, Alexa seems to know about a backlink to GPT. This backlink, apparently the only one that anyone can find anywhere on the internet, was from a blog post comment that I left on a related website back in February. Odd how it suddenly showed up.

Speaking of backlinks, there is also one showing up for one of my blogs that supports GPT. That one was found by Bing, and is from my efforts on SocialADR. I have found SocialADR interesting thus far, and a far easier way to generate links than mass article marketing. At this point, I have no way of knowing which is more effective.

MMO with InfoBarrel
I have neglected to write another InfoBarrel  article, but last night I logged on just to check out my account (no real reason) and I saw that my article had managed to make 2 cents. Great! I think I will write another article... and maybe I will actually put a link in this one!

Rank Check
Every Friday, I check my main keyphrases and see where I am ranking. GPT has dropped onto page 20 for one keyphrase, and is still unranked for the other two. Last week, it was ranked 28th. Nich Site II is now on page 5 for one of its keyphrases, but remains unranked for the other two (I do three keyphrases for each site). This is somewhat disturbing... I have done a linkwheel for GPT, and a SocialADR campaign, only to see it drop. I am unsure what is happening there.

Meanwhile... I have created only one blog that points to Niche Site II, yet it has risen on its own. Better on-page SEO? Better targeted text? Not sure.

At this time, my plan is to run one more SocialADR campaign on GPT, create the linkwheel for Niche Site II, and then run a SocialADR campaign on it as well, and hold off on mass article marketing until I see what happens with its page rank. And, while this is happening, I am going to churn out a couple of InfoBarrel articles, and link one of them to Niche Site II and one to GPT.

My internet marketing business, tentatively dubbed Two Dollar Monkey, has now made a grand total of $0.05. I really need to turn this around RSN (real soon, now) and make some headway.


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    1. Thanks, Ashley. I'm not sure my Alexa rank has any meaning, but I'm glad to understand now how it works!

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