Rats Go Live

Well... I have finally finished and posted my page about getting rid rats. This is the last time I will supply a link for that page!)

I also edited several of the posts to contain text that I will be keeping. I did this because the posts were dated to several months ago. Changing them in this way allows me to keep a post that was made in January, but redirect its content into the overall RAT KILLING theme! That just leaves a few more posts to get rid, specifically the one about the transformation of the site, and the one concerning beer.

I dunno... I may leave the beer... maybe it has some relevance to killing rats? But the other is going... in fact... wait here while I go delete it!

[38 seconds later]

There... that's better. Now, that page has been deleted. Now, all of the posts are either relevant to killing, catching and eradicating rats, or they are technical. One is about the theme change, and one is about the internet being down one weekend. I cleaned those up a bit, but left them in place.

Lastly... I had applied for Adsense when I first started... long before I realized I should complete the page before pulling the trigger on that. I went ahead and completed that now that the page is ready. In all likelihood, the page will be banned, which will make the task of generating revenue from it more difficult. Still, it cant be helped. Luckily, they have very little to link me personally to that site other than my IP address, which I could easily change if need be. So, if they ban me, all is not lost.

Meanwhile, I have set up Amazon Associate links on the page, very inconspicuously, of course. And, I may try some other alternatives as well. One thing is clear... I am anxious for one of the sites to generate a dollar or tow, if nothing else then as proof of concept!

Wish eRATication (and GPT) luck as they go out into the cold internet. Once they begin earning money, I'll give a monthly income report here at The Niche Blog.

Hmmm... I wonder how I could monetize this site?

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