Amazingly, the rat site has been approved for ads! And suddenly they just showed up. I initially did not like the placement of the ads, sandwiched in between the title of the post and the first header. I played around with it though and decided that the best way to deal with it was to eliminate the title of the post. That way, the ad strip runs right under the menu.

Of course, this means that none of my articles can have official titles as long as that ad strip is placed right there. But, at the same time, I do not intend to move it for awhile either. So, there we go. Of course, it doesnt matter, because no one is seeing the page anyway!

To maintain the integrity of the files and posts, etc, I will name the posts when I write it, and set the all-in-one-SEO to reflect the chosen name. This will also cause the file to receive the desired filename. But once it is ready, I will have to delete the name and place the name as an H1 at the top of the post. Not the perfect solution, but it will work for now.

I also saw this morning that my page had been found in Google. However, someone had search specifically for the specific domain of my rat site, they were looking for the page. Why didnt they just type it in as an address? Quite possibly they meant to! But, in any case, someone was looking for my specific page. And that someone was in England. Which is very curious indeed. A quick look at Facebook gave me a clear indication of who that person was (not many people connected with the my site name are in England at any one time.)

Funny stuff. I wonder what he made of it... and if he did a whois to learn more. Hahah.

The takeaway here is that we now have a means to generate income from the rat site... all we need now are customers! eRATication is open for business! :-)

PS: I was approved for Lending Club on the same day... lets see which one loses money the fastest! A race! A race!

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