Rat Page Progress

Converting an Old Site

Originally, historic rosenberg was supposed to be about the preservation of an historic downtown area, and was to serve as a front for the local visitors center. As I have discussed elsewhere, that never happened. Instead, I tried to make the site a sort of "Today in History" site... but I never did keyword research on it. I quickly realized that few would ever search for such a thing, and those who did werent looking to spend money!

So, now the site is being converted to a page about catching, killing and getting rid of rats! I started that process yesterday by creating a header image in Gimp for it, using some free pictures of rats that I got at stock.xchng. Gimp is like Photoshop for Linux.
historicrosenberg.org header image
As you can see, just two disgusting rats, spreading their filth and disease all over the internet! I named the site, "eRATication", because I thought it was cute. Yes, I know that is not how you spell, "eradication." I am a college professor, you know!

And, I created a little favicon for the page that looks like a cheese wedge. Other than that, the page is still what it was before... a few days in history. And, it is still SEOed for that topic... in fact, it ranking on page 2 for "historic rosenberg" right now! This is probably due entirely to the domain name, SEO, and the fact that the domain is 2 years old already. All of that will change. As soon as I write the main Rat page, I will post it, and begin deleting the other pages and posts.

I will also write a privacy policy, and that sort of thing, as well as a contact page and about us page. Then, the real fun begins. But, at the moment, i am buried in Rat Research. Did you know the average male rat is bitten by other rats over 9 times a day?? They look cute, but they are horrible creatures!

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