Build it and they will come?

I took a trip out of town last week... it was good to be away from the computer for a bit. During that short space of time, my paralegal site had three hits on longtail keywords. One of those hits resulted in someone clicking the Indeed jobs board... however, there was no $$$ result from that click. Meanwhile, there have been no legitimate views of eRATication, and of course, no one has seen this site, other than the occasional bored person clicking their way through the blog list at blogger.


All of this has me doubting that I am doing this right. GPT has been up and available for sometime... well, since 20 January... so, almost two months. According to LTP, it is no longer ranked at all for the main keyword I chose, "paralegal training", although it is on the first page for some unique longtails that will probably be searched only once. There are much thinner sites that do quite well, while GPT is only visited on the longest of long tails.  Perhaps the keyword I chose is just too competitive and I will never rank for that site. That means, "fail." The domain is not generic at all, so recycling it would be difficult if not impossible. Yup... I am worried that it simply is not good enough. (I put some adsense on it... not sure that is the right thing to do. It seems, judging by the current rhetoric, that it is all to easy to be banned!) On top of that, there is yet another google algorithm change... which may explain why my site had risen to page 20 and has dropped off the list again. Damn!

Random Word Generator Idea

Although I stopped production on the 50 state pages explaining local laws on paralegal training, I nevertheless have 50 blank posts posted, one for each state. This has given me an evil thought. Creating a program that generates a list of random words. If there was a post on a web page, and that post had 500 to 1000 random words, and X percent of those words were various forms of your keyword, would that be enough to fool the goog? Does it actually look at the grammar of the words? Interesting thought. Creating a simple program that gens up a list of random words with a specific percentage of keywords wouldnt really be that difficult...  although my VB and Pascal programming skills are rusty, I bet I could churn out a small app that does that. Just a thought. Not to manipulate the system and move up in rank, but rather, to pad out my blank posts and avoid a penalty for having blank pages. It would help to know what goog looks for... A Random word list padded with keywords and punctuation might look funny... but would it look any funnier than some of the poorly written third world pages I've seen? Looks like English, yes, but it makes no sense... yet Mr. Cutts clearly thinks it is worth my time.


Meanwhile, over at eRATication, it seems no human has actually even seen my site. Beyond the person who searched for the domain name, no one has hit it from a search engine at all. Of course, the rat site is still quite young. Perhaps I should be patient. The RAT page was only launched a few weeks ago. :-\

Patience, patience.


And still there are no backlinks to either site. And I am inundated with projects around the house that prevent me from working on it... it just seems that I absolutely need to take a couple of days and actually do some link work. In the end, if the pages dont rise in serp rank, they will never generate a penny.

My goal was to begin making money by the end of March... and I dont even have visitors! So, clearly, this isnt going to happen. So. I make it a goal to get some backlinks by the end of the month!

And I still need to look into this infobarrel nonsense. I like the idea of shooting out an article and having it make money.

Bah! And I still have chairs to sand and stain, and a bunch of other dumb stuff to get done! Hopefully it will rain soon, and I can stay glued to the computer instead of work in the yard.


What do you think? If you are reading this, you could easily be the very first person to ever comment on this blog. I know there is something to this internet marketing junk... if I can just figure it out before I run out of time!!!

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