Is There a Backlink Strategy That Works?


Today, I started working on the backlinks for GPT. Before Spring Break, GPT was moving up in Google (made it into the 200s) but now it is again completely unranked. I attribute this partially to the empty posts that have been generated over the last few weeks. And, of course, there was an algorithm update, too.

I should also mention that there has been no movement at all on Bing for the main key phrase. So, clearly, I am doing something wrong with my on-page SEO. I need to give this some thought. Meanwhile, I have decided to delete the blank posts that are being generated, and, at the same time, start creating some backlinks.

Where to Begin

I have been putting off dealing with backlinks, a sure sign that I am not comfortable with the information that I have read thus far. I first realized that I would need to create separate accounts for facebook, twitter and the rest of them, since I am not ready to shoot all of this information out there where people I know will see it. I would prefer to wait for success before involving others! Since I decided to start with Facebook, I went ahead and created a new email address, and used that to create accounts on FB, Twitter, My Space (I didnt even know that was still around!), LinkedIn and Google+. Then I created accounts with the various social bookmarking sites, like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.

After I created all of the accounts, I tweeted out a link to GPT (of course, I have no followers, so no one saw it), I liked and shared it on Facebook, and posted it in Stumble and Reddit. The next thing it seems that I should do is take one of my articles and run it through the spinner and begin posting it at places like Ezine. This will begin creating the links I need to convince Google that the site is good and it would be a Good Thing if they would show it to people.

I think the whole thing is dubious. Who looks at Ezine? Or Reddit or Stumble for that matter? In fact, on Ezines home page, it says, post here to create backlinks for your site!

Does This Matter?

This has me thinking, though. There is a link to GPT from this blog. That has never shown up anywhere! And the experts, the Pat Flynn's of the world, say that you should create a few dummy blogs, put some content on them, and then link to your site with it. Alot of good that does... here is an actual blog and the link from here has done nothing! Oh well... the experts say do it, and they are the ones who know how this business works. I have to say, I'm pretty sick at how widespread Google's tentacles are.


I'll make a new post if these crazy backlinks do any good!

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