Niche Site 2

An Idea

Okay… I researched alot of different topics this month, including knees, knives, solar cells, and knife making. I even searched for beer and wine making. All of these ideas would be difficult to rank for, because of the strong competition already in place… translation… other people already thought of these things.

Ratones y Mouses

But then I searched for rats and mice… and it turns out that while anything having to do with mice is extremely competitive… there is very little competition for rats! There is a big hole in the rat market. (A hole probably made by a rat!)

Look at this guy!

Concept photo of a pet rodent in a wine glass


Okay… it looks like my site will be all about how to catch and dispose of rats. Rats are the bane of mankind, the creature who killed over 1/3 of our ancestors in the Middle Ages (with some help from their fleas). And, worse than that (yes! much worse than the tens of millions who died in the 13th century) is the fact that a rat from my neighbor’s compost ate my cilantro. How is my pretty wife supposed to fix her famous guacamole without cilantro?

What Does this Mean?

It means that all of the posts that have ever been made on historic rosenberg will be deleted, and will be replaced by a series of pages about the best way to catch rats, kill rats and get rid of rats… those are the best keyphrases in the Rat Set. They are searched for a combined 1900 times a month. The cost per click is around $4.10 and has an advertiser competition score (averaged together) of about 90… that means there is money being spent on ads (mostly by Terminix, it appears). And there are alot of rat-related products available on Amazon, but, sadly, nothing on Clickbank. Too bad, Amazon commissions are 4%, but Clickbank is more like 75%. This may call for creativity.

Catch – Kill – Rid

I score “How to Catch Rats” as a 24.94, “How to Get Rid of Rats” as a 33.25 and “How to Kill Rats” scores a 23.67. Anything under 35 should be good, and 25 is, I hope, the sweet spot. I note weakness in the top ten G pages for “Catch”… 4 articles, 2 forums and a You Tube video. On “Rid” I note 2 You Tubes and 3 articles. But also a couple of merchant and local government pages. And “Kill” is seeing 4 articles, two You Tubes, 3 merch sites, and WHAT? A one page mico-niche with no links? And only two posts ??? Insane! And its number 1! I score it a 0.4!! Google scores it a fat zero! Yet, it is Number One!

The Competition

So… the page to beat is howtokillrats (.) org. He has two ad areas in the main body… the first is Adsense… the second seems to rotate between Adsense and Google services. He has a sidebar which also rotates between Adsense and Google Services. He also has two Adsense strips.  Amazingly, he has no backlinks and his Page Rank is 0. He has linked to a You Tube video that doesnt even belong to him!
Edit 2013.03.08.1156: I noticed that Bing gave this guy a backlink from my page... so I have broken up the url to prevent that from continuing.  No backlink for you!


I now need to prototype the site on paper. That means looking at the topic and deciding how many pages I need to write, what topics I need to hit, what sort of pictures and graphics I need… in short, I need to work out the details of what I need to create. THEN, I would need to actually write the articles and post them, do the SEO on each page, and see if I can get some backlinks. If all of that works out, I could be on the first page in Google and Yahoo/Bing (so, 98% of the search market) by April. And then, we would float the ads and Amazon affiliate links. And… along the way… learn everything we need to know about avenging my cilantro and killing rats!

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